Game Over Movie Reviews 2019

Game Over Movie Reviews 2019

The movie is about a video game designer girl who is batteling her inner fears while a serial killer is at large to kill her. Game Over Movie Reviews 2019, Game Over is a Psychological thriller.

Taapsee Pannu’s Game Over Movie Reviews 2019:

Taapsee Pannu gives us Pink, Mulk Manmarziyaan, Badla back to back hit movies. Taapsee Pannu career graph in movies going up to next level. Taapsee Pannu’s game over movie released. Basically, this is movie is a Tamil, Telegu movie and this movie released and also dubbed in the Hindi language. For doing this give appreciate to the movie makers. After seeing the trailer of the movie, we satisfy with the movie when we are going to watch the movie.

Game Over Movie Reviews 2019

From the movie’s scene:

The movie starts with a horror scene where a teenage girl named Amrita, someone stared her from outside of the house, and at the midnight she was murdered with the wildness. At the starting of this scene movie-going more interesting. Now the movie starts with entering of Sapna (Taapsee Pannu), who is a game designer and she is afraid with the darkness, and sometimes a panic attack also comes. That is why because of some incident happened with her in last year. Sapna is living with her caretaker and taking doctor’s treatment. She is very addicted to the video games; she also goads tattoo of the game controller in her arm. Sapna is living alone with her caretaker.

And the second thing is that a serial killer murdered girl who lived alone. Sapna is also scared of this. What is the connection of Amrita with the Sapna, what is the story of tattoo Sapna, in the story somewhere supernatural power is present, or it is a movie or a video game? for knowing this you must watch a game over a movie.

Star-cast, Director, & Writers:

Director: Ashwin Saravanan
Writers: Ramkumar Kaavya, Suman Kumar
Stars: Taapsee Pannu, Parvathi T., Vinodhini Vaidyanathan
Language: Tamil | Telugu | Hindi
Release Date: 14 June 2019
Genres: Drama | Thriller

Why you have to watch Game Over Movie:


This is coming at the spoiler stage if we are telling about all the story of the movie. when you come after watching the movie a question is running in your mind that psychological thriller, sci-fi, murder mystery, survival drama, which genre is that movie. in this movie, all genre comes and shows us all genre. A most important thing of this movie is the speed of story which doesn’t feel us boring, and at the time of interval when we go for the snacks our mind in the movie that is started, and I don’t want to miss any scene. In this movie many different levels and if we tell about the movie in the context of video games this is going next level

Game Over Movie Reviews 2019

They build pressure from the starting of the movie and at the climax they give us a combination of the blast. Some scene of this movies is which makes you stand from your seats. Game Over Movie Reviews 2019 did you like it.

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