Kabir Singh Movie 2019

Kabir Singh Movie 2019

Kabir Singh Movie 2019 is official Remake of Telugu Movie Arjun Reddy (2017). The story is the same but the characters are different, background music is very good in this movie.

Story of Kabir Singh Movie 2019

The movie starts with the background Dohas from the Khosrow “Khosrow Dariya prem ka Ulti Paaki Dhar”. Shahid Kapoor as Kabir Singh is a final year student of Delhi’s medical college, very intelligent but very aggressive and angry person. Deen of the college, Adil Hussain instructed that an angry surgeon is very dangerous with his Surgical Instrument Kit. Angryman Kabir Singh falls in love with full of madness with first-year student Kiara Advani as Preeti Sharma.

Kabir Singh Movie 2019

Now Kabir’s father dialog of justifying next scene which is “ it’s not good by death heart but the flashbacks that follows. Kamini Kaushal as Kabir’s grandmother says that every person bear their difficulties self, Kabir also doing the same thing. But the starting of movie and climax of the movie isn’t so different for knowing that you have to watch this movie


An interesting part of the Kabir Singh Movie (2019)

Kabir Singh movie is an official remake of non-Lenoir formatting scripted of Arjun Reddy movie 2019. But the editing of the movie, angle of the camera and overall cinematography is not unique but very creative. The best of the movie is that humor plotted at movie part which is boring. That person who is in love they can feel the chemistry between Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani and dialog are so real. Performance of Kiara at the climax part is outstanding. Shahid Kapoor is the main lead so the performance is mind-blowing angry character, and many other things which are needed for the character Shahid do very well, and this shows in the movie.

That part which is not so good in the Movie

If you have seen Arjun Reddy 2017 then you feel mild because this is a Hindi remake and target audience are different and in a big number. After the great success of Arjun Reddy 2017 the director, Sandeep Vanga directed same-to-same scene again in Hindi. Language and actor are different otherwise totally same to same in this movie. Where we can say that this is movie is a happy ending of Tere Naam movie, the character of Kiara Advani is same as Nirjala at the scene of Ragging. The role of Soham Majumdar as a best friend of Kabir is also appreciated.

Music of Kabir Singh Movie (2019)

Music and background both are taking place each other in the movie. mostly music is used for the background as we saw in Hollywood movies, that means no lisping in the movie. lyrics of Bekhaayali me Bhi Tera Khayal Aaye is fantastic.

Kabir Singh Movie 2019

Release Date: 21 June 2019.
Starring: Shahid Kapoor as Kabir Rajdheer Singh, Kiara Advani as Preeti Sharma, Arjan Bajwa as Karan Rajdheer Singh, Suresh Oberoi as Rajdheer Singh, Kamini Kaushal as Kabir’s grandmother, Adil Hussain, Nikita Dutta.
Based on: Arjun Reddy
Music director: Amaal Mallik
Directed by: Sandeep Vanga.
Produced by: Murad Khetani, Ashwin Varde, Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar.


Worth part of the movie

Performing in the role of MS Dhoni the untold story and lust story Kiara Advani’s negative thing in this movie she shows opposed by their lover, and we feel so bad. When Dhoom come in 2004 then bikes are running in the speed on the road. After watching Saktiman children are jumping roof to roof, people are saying that they need this type of script. But as a doctor Shahid taking Drugs, alcohol, cigarette, sex too much and this thing collect many points, and another side does not collect points for social responsibility.


Go and watch Kabir Singh Movie (2019) and enjoy the art and craft of movie.


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